Design Your Perfect Outdoor Umbrella with California Umbrella: Your Creative Journey Starts Here

Design Your Perfect Outdoor Umbrella with California Umbrella: Your Creative Journey Starts Here

Welcome to a world of limitless creativity in outdoor design. At California Umbrella, we believe that every outdoor space should be as unique as the individual who owns it. That's why we offer you the opportunity to design your very own outdoor umbrella, customized to match your exact style, preferences, and outdoor ambiance.

    Exploring the Design Process

    Step 1: Frame Finish Selection 

    Begin your design journey by selecting the frame finish that best complements your outdoor décor. Choose from a range of finishes, including classic neutrals, contemporary metallics, and textures. Our high-quality finishes are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the elements.

    When it comes to crafting your dream outdoor umbrella, it's all about the details. One of the key design elements you can personalize is the frame finish, which plays a pivotal role in the overall aesthetics of your umbrella. At California Umbrella, we offer a range of exquisite frame finishes to suit your unique style and outdoor space.

    *Please note that not all frame finishes are available for every umbrella model, and options may vary depending on the umbrella you choose to customize. Here are some of our frame finish options:

    • White: If you prefer a classic and timeless look, White is a simple yet elegant choice. It adds a clean and pristine touch to your outdoor area.
    • Silver White: For those who appreciate a blend of modernity and simplicity, Silver White is a hybrid finish that combines the sleekness of silver with the purity of white. It's a contemporary choice that brightens up your outdoor setting.
    • Silver Anodized: If you're a fan of sleek and modern designs, the Silver Anodized finish might be your choice. It's a shiny metallic finish that adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your outdoor area.
    • Hammer Tone Grey: For those who appreciate a slightly rustic and stony appearance, the Hammer Tone Grey finish is a perfect fit. Its dark grey tone resembles natural stone, giving your umbrella a distinct character.
    • Bronze: If you prefer a finish with a hint of warmth, consider the Bronze option. This finish offers a touch of reddish-brown, adding a welcoming and inviting feel to your outdoor oasis.
    • Matted White: Seeking a clean and timeless look? Matted White is a pale, shiny finish that exudes sophistication. It complements various outdoor styles, from classic to contemporary.
    • American Oak: For a touch of nature-inspired beauty, the American Oak finish is a splendid choice. With its glossy appearance and wood patterns resembling oak wood, it brings a sense of outdoor charm to your space.
    • Stone Black: If you desire a bold and dramatic presence, Stone Black is your go-to finish. It mimics the appearance of black rock, creating a captivating focal point in your outdoor setting.
    • Champagne: For a light and inviting atmosphere, the Champagne finish is a delightful option. Its soft brown hue adds a touch of warmth and elegance to your outdoor décor.

    These frame finishes not only add visual appeal but also create a cohesive and personalized outdoor experience. When designing your own outdoor umbrella with California Umbrella, you have the creative freedom to select the frame finish that resonates with your style and elevates your outdoor living space.

    Step 2: Canopy Style 

    Next, decide on the canopy style that suits your outdoor setting. While all our umbrellas have a market-style design, you have the freedom to select from various canopy styles to match your unique preferences and create the perfect outdoor ambiance.

    • Single Wind Vent Canopy: If you're looking for a classic market-style umbrella with added stability, the single wind vent canopy is an excellent choice. It features a single vent at the top, allowing wind to pass through while keeping the umbrella steady. This design combines timeless elegance with practicality, ensuring a comfortable outdoor experience.
    • Double Wind Vent Canopy: For enhanced wind resistance and a touch of sophistication, consider the double wind vent canopy. With two vents at the top, it provides exceptional stability, even on breezy days. This style is perfect for those who value both form and function in their outdoor umbrella.
    • Middle Accent Canopy: Those seeking a bit of flair and visual interest may opt for the middle accent canopy style. This design incorporates a decorative accent in the middle of the canopy, adding a touch of uniqueness to your outdoor umbrella. It's a choice that balances style with simplicity.
    • Edge Canopy: If you appreciate a clean and minimalist look, the edge canopy design is a sleek option. It features a canopy that extends to the umbrella's edge without additional embellishments. This style offers a contemporary and uncluttered appearance, ideal for modern outdoor spaces.
    • Alternating Panels Canopy: To infuse your outdoor space with a playful and vibrant atmosphere, the alternating panel canopy style is a delightful option. It features alternating panels of different colors or patterns, creating an eye-catching and whimsical look. This design is perfect for adding a pop of personality to your outdoor décor.

    Your choice of canopy style allows you to customize your market-style umbrella to match your outdoor vision. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a single wind vent or the unique charm of alternating panels, California Umbrella offers a variety of options to help you create an outdoor space that reflects your personal style.

    Explore California Umbrella's Sunbrella Fabric Options: A Spectrum of Colors and Textures for Your Dream Umbrella.

    Step 3: Fabric Selection

    Unleash your creativity with a vast array of fabric and color choices Dive into a world of fabric possibilities with California Umbrella, where your creative vision comes to life with our expansive selection. From the convenience of express colors to the vibrant depth of our fabric selections, our fabric tiers offer a spectrum of choices. Express fabrics provide the advantage of swift production, making your custom umbrella a reality in no time. What sets our Express tiers apart is the remarkable use of dye, particularly in the higher tiers of color, creating vivid and vibrant canopies that leave a lasting impression.

    But that's not all - we proudly offer a range of Sunbrella fabric tiers as well each representing a different level of luxury and color brilliance. Sunbrella fabrics are celebrated for their longevity and fade resistance, ensuring your outdoor design remains captivating for years.

    When it comes to designing your outdoor space, our fabric options offer boundless opportunities. From elegant solids to eye-catching patterns, you have the freedom to craft your ideal look. What truly distinguishes us is not only the variety but also the enduring quality and fade resistance of our fabrics, guaranteeing that your design remains vibrant for years to come.

    Step 4: Valance 

    Elevate the aesthetics of your umbrella by choosing to include a valance. This small yet significant detail allows you to customize your umbrella to your exact design preferences. It's not just an addition; it's a statement that reflects your unique outdoor style. The choice is yours, and it's all about making your outdoor space truly your own.


    Designing your own outdoor umbrella with California Umbrella is more than just a creative endeavor; it's a reflection of your style and personality. Start your design journey today and experience the satisfaction of owning an outdoor accessory that is uniquely yours.